Thank you to my dad, the entrepreneur

Today’s post is a bit of a cheat. Because, despite trying to build a new habit of writing first thing in the morning, I made a mistake today and opened my work email. In order to make it to yoga on time (this is a high priority), I am going to post a post I’ve posted elsewhere. If you’ve read it…I apologize. Come back tomorrow for some new content.

This post is one that is especially meaningful to me. It’s about a man who for whom I will be forever grateful. I’d been wanting to write it for years, and then one day, I sat down and it all came pouring out.

It did surprisingly well, apparently, on Medium. I was contacted by the editors of a subcomponent of Medium called The Mission and they offered to bring it under their banner and drive traffic to it. It was my first Medium post, so it was an experiment, so I said yes. Apparently, another publication wanted to republish it so I said yes. It’s not like it’s a best seller or anything, I was just surprised. It made me think about all of the stories each of us have that never get told…because we don’t think they are anything special.

Friends, tell your stories!

They are special. They have meaning and they might be just what someone needs to hear.

Thank you to my dad, the entrepreneur on Medium.

{And, I love you, Dad.}

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