You have something to say.

It may not be ‘right’ and it may not be the direction they go…but it’s something only you can say. It’s every minute of your experience up to this point that is giving it shape. And, it’s fighting a battle inside your head that’s trying to convince you not to say it.

Something tells you that you need to wait until you’ve been given permission, credibility, or a few wins before you say it.

Because that’s what you’ve been conditioned to do.

To fit in, to avoid standing out.

To keep harmony and avoid rocking the boat.

To wait your turn rather than jump right in.

Not anymore.

Today, you let those ideas see the light. You give voice (literally) to your uniqueness. You commit to search for a place where your voice is valued rather than hide until you’re sure it’s safe.

Always respectful. Always honoring the uniqueness of others, as well.

Today you bring your thoughts, ideas, opinions, direction, ownership, follow-through.

Because if you’re going to show up in life, you need to show up fully. Rather than ghost through the experience protecting the piece of you that wants to be embraced. Because here’s the thing. Originality isn’t always appreciated and ideas aren’t always great. It’s time to buck up and to understand that impact doesn’t come easily but to withhold contribution is to deny your own possibility and the yearning to create.

Throw some shit out there. Eventually, something will land. And, then you’ll know where you thrive, how you access the ‘best of’ yourself, and in the process have a whole lot of fun discovering what you could’ve missed if you’d stayed quiet.

There are too many women waiting for permission to speak up.

Ladies – that’s not how it works. If you want to have voice in the board rooms, leadership ranks or, heck…your OWN LIFE…you must claim it.

You must define what it looks like for… yourself.

The only way to do that is to form your thoughts, put them into words, and then throw them out into the world.

You were born a creator.

Now, go create.

*Photo credit: Photo by Michelle Cassar on Unsplash

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